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Chemical Analysis

Colour White
Solution in 5 N Hcl Clear
Soluble Alkali as Na2O 0.15% Max.
pH 9.0-10.5
Iron(Fe) Max. 0
Manganese(mn) Max. 0
Fluoride(f) Max. Traces
Phosphate Max 0
Sulphate Max. 0
Silica 0
Aluminium Iron Phosphate & Matter Insoluble in Hcl is -918/1985 0.01
Magnesia 0.01
Copper negligible
Lead less Than 10 Ppm
Arsenic less Than 2 Ppm
Chlorides traces
Calcium Carbonate Content 98.6% Min.
Specific Gravity 2.7
Loss in Drying At 105 C 0.5-0.8%
Hunter Whiteness 97% Min.

Typical Microbiological Standards of Dentifrice and Pharma Grades

Total bacteria counts(aerobic) <100CFU/gm
Total fungal counts(aerobic) <500CFU/gm
Gram positive spore forming bacilli <500CFU/gm
Staphylococcus aureus Negative to test
Gram negative bacilli Negative to test